Who we are



We are a global team united together in our passion to give ASSAM and North East in an independent international Media platform.


The mission

Humtydumty’s   mission is to empower and support organizations, social movements and individuals from North East INDIA in and through the use of information and communication technologies to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose of making meaningful contributions to equitable human development, social justice, participatory political processes and environmental sustainability.
We believe all people should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, and have voice in the decisions that affect them.


The objective of the Humty Dumty Social Innovations Journal is to establish a scholarly forum through which the multifaceted aspects of social innovation are identified, explored and discussed. This exchange of information relating to social innovation and the individual innovators who create social change contributes to an increased knowledge-base among readers, thus promoting the critical importance of social innovation within society.

How we work

HumtyDumty has a small staff, each living in different states and communicating day-to-day over the internet (we have central headquarters in Guwahati). HumtyDumty’s value and uniqueness come from the local perspectives and contact with grassroots organizations that we gain from our members and the fact that we operate as a truly virtual, international organization. 

Our Online volunteers can help us by writing articles/blogs on various topics related to the state of Assam and promote Assam in to the international platform to attract domestic as well as foreign direct investment into this region to boost up the Economy and lifestyle of common man.

Another way to help the student community of this region is to submit your Class Note, Tutorials, Old Question Papers in to our Learning Center Section. Our Email address is info[@]humtydumty.in


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